Constructing with Panda Stix

For many years our Panda Stix customers have used Panda Stix for making structures in the garden.  All Panda Stix can be cut with a hacksaw, anvil secateurs or tree loppers, melted with a hot-air gun, machined and drilled.
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Now with Build-a-ball and Super Panda Stix it is much easier to make Structures! The ball is simply a solid rubber ball with 6 holes- simply push each of your Super Stix into a hole to create the structure you require.
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Buy 4 for £5

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On a budget? Many customers have reported success using thick Panda Stix by using a hot glue gun or insulation tape on the ends to thicken up to get the perfect fit!
Build-a-balls for your Panda Stix

All prices include VAT at 20%, the UK standard rate Remember to add postage and packing - Panda Stix are dispatched by overnight courier: Postage and packing is now £11.95 for the UK mainland for all orders under £100 and £5.95 for orders from £100 to under £150 . Postage and packing is free for all orders over £150 in the UK mainland. Please call for a quote for Highlands and Islands and elsewhere in the world. Pick up can be arranged on request.

More structures with Panda Stix

All of these structures were made with standard fittings from Wilcos, B&Q and other DIY and garden centres.

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All of these structures were made with standard thick Panda Stix using standard fittings available from High Street stores