Panda Stix are made from recycled plastic using innovative technology . We recognised that there was no point recycling if no-one can use it- so we developed the Panda Stix process. Very few other manufacturers can use 98% recycled plastic as we do. ( The other 2% gives the colour and extra UV stability to keep your Panda Stix in action for many years)
Your Panda Stix colours
dark green to blend in with your foliage
terracotta/ brown
Bright green

Made using recycled plastic
"This week we are mainly using packaging for Supermarket ready meals"

The versatile plant support that wont rot, doesn’t split, can’t rust, don’t harbour nasty bugs or diseases so are great for organic gardeners, and are very robust for many happy years of supporting your plants

Due to requests of our customers we now have more photographs of Panda Stix in action. These are not easy to do as the most popular colour of Panda Stix is dark green and as it blends in to the plants so well the photos of Panda Stix in action just tend to look like a photo of a happy plant .... but we are trying!
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