Just the bits for your Panda Stix

Panda Stix can be combined with many widgets and doodads to make them possibly the most versatile plant system

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Pot Doodads

Put thereat the bottom of your pot or grow bag to help hold your Panda Stix upright
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Caps for Stix

Our dark green Panda Stix blend in superbly in your garden but that has made some customers very nervous of damage to their eyes. So now we can offer these soft rubbery caps that fit all thicknesses of Panda Stix for added protection. (or you could buy bright red Panda Stix- at least you will see them coming) Also available in yellow!!
Pot clip

another widget for clipping thin or thick Panda Stix to the sides of plastic pots.
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3.5"/ 9cm Triangle holds 3 thin Panda Stix to constrain delicate floppy plants without ties- great for pots
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Tripod tops

Holds 3 thick or Super Panda Stix together to make a Panda Stix tripod kit.
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We sell some bits here but there are many available elsewhere. Most are compatible with Panda Stix. Please look at some of the photos we have had sent in from Panda Stix customers in
Prices for your bits:
You can buy Panda Stix, Panda Stix kits, and bits using the Paypal secure online shop or by telephoning us on 01526 860023 or e-mailing us.
bits for your Stix

All prices are in GB£ and include VAT at 20%, the UK standard rate Remember to add postage and packing - Panda Stix are dispatched by overnight courier: Postage and packing is now £11.95 for the UK mainland for all orders under £100 and £5.95 for orders from £100 to under £150 . Postage and packing is free for all orders over £150 in the UK mainland. Please call for a quote for Highlands and Islands and elsewhere in the world. Pick up can be arranged on request.

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